“Be Strong. Do not Cry.” – A father’s message to his daughter.

Narrative written from a Japanese American daughter’s perspective after discovering letters exchanged between her parents while incarcerated in American concentration camps during WWII.  Forthcoming in 2019 by Heyday Books, Berkeley, CA.

“My Name is NOT Sandy!”

A children’s book about a spunky girl who refuses to give up her ethnic identity. Illustrations by Dana Kawano. Currently under review with Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA.

“Snow Country Prison: The haiku poetry of Itaru Ina”

A collection of 400 poems written during Itaru Ina’s incarceration during WWII in the Tanforan “Assembly Center”, Topaz Concentration Camp, Tule Lake Segregation Center, Santa Fe Internment Camp, and Crystal City Internment Camp. Translations by Leza Lowitz and Hisako Ifshin. Segments published in Modern Haiku Journal, Lincoln, Ill.